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Election 2000

Monday, November 13th, 2000 · No Comments

We enter week two of the Election 2000 debacle and still we do not know who will be the next president of the United States. Florida is in the midst of its recount and “irregularities” abound. I think the whole thing is a conspiracy. Rather convenient that Florida’s governor is Jeb Bush, brother of George W. The whole thing stinks.

This past weekend was very full and lots of fun. Friday night Jenner, Johnnie, Enoch, MaryJo, and I went to dinner at Juan’s (margaritas = mmm mmm good!), then we headed south to San Leandro for a showing of The Wall on the big screen. That movie rocks. I certainly get something new out of it every time.

Saturday morning Jenner and gathered up Stella Brie and headed to Fort Funston for a beautiful day on the beach. I had lunch with dad Saturday afternoon, then Jen and I went shopping at the Gap and Old Navy. I got lots of cool new clothes for the first time in ages. That night we hit the AAVC/Vassar Club Party for the ’00s at the Great Entertainer, then headed to Berkeley for pizza and beer with Enoch and MJ. Her parents have an amazing top-floor penthouse apartment with incredible views of the city.

Sunday morning Jen and I, along with Shannon and her mom, hit Glide Memorial for the second Sunday in a row. Despite being a bit over-tired and drifting off during the sermon, I had a ton of fun once again. I truly admire the folks who sing their hearts out and are so much a part of the Glide community. After church Jen and I went shopping again and Jenner got some new stuff. We took it easy the rest of the afternoon.

Now I sit back at work Monday morning and continue to take one day at a time here. As long as I can focus on the project at hand, I don’t think too much about the uncertainty of what might come. But I started work on my resume this weekend – just in case.

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