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Career Reflections

Wednesday, November 15th, 2000 · No Comments

During this time of uncertainty and possible transition in my career, I’ve slowly but surely been taking notes about myself — who I am, what I can do, and what I’m after. I’ve found that thinking about changing jobs has forced me to examine a much larger question in my life: What are my passions? What is it that makes me tick? Why do I have such a hard time focusing on just one thing, and what exactly is it that I want to spend the rest of my life doing? I don’t know. But each day I’m beginning to get a more clear picture of that vision. My vision. As I put in my TechieGold profile tonight:

    My strength is in my diversity of skills and my ability to learn quickly. I can put my nose to the grindstone to crank out code for a database-driven Web application, or I can stand before a large audience to deliver a PowerPoint presentation on the intricacies of designing and deploying Web-based training content. I am a passionate technologist and a dedicated leader, a writer at heart and a team player by nature.

Sure, I’d like for my next job to pay well, but to paraphrase what Enoch recently said: If you’re doing what you love and you’re challenged, then the pay won’t be an issue; it will be “up there” anyway.

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