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Rainy Day Fever

Sunday, May 19th, 2002 · No Comments

This morning I woke with a jolt just before 8am in preparation for today’s Bay to Breakers race, the longest and oldest footrace in America. Jen and I had plans to go with some friends, as we have the last two years, but it turns out that no one was really feeling up to it. Good thing, too, as it began to pour pretty hard just before 9am this morning. The rain was the perfect excuse all of us had been looking for. So it’s a rainy day at home on TI…I may go bowling with my Dad this afternoon. The one year that we planned well for Bay to Breakers — by driving Jen’s car out to Ocean Beach last night (where the race ends) — is the one year we end up not going! (It’s always a pain in the ass to get all the way home from the ocean…the other 60,000 people are always in the same boat, too.)

This metal shift lever may solve the annoying problem I’ve been having with my titanium shift knob continuously coming loose as I shift, despite already having been replaced once by the dealer, two days after I drove my car off the lot.

According to today’s Sunday Chronicle, San Francisco is “dead last” on a list of 20 major cities around the country in terms of solving violent crimes. With only 28% of violent crimes solved between 1996 and 2000, the department claims its emphasis is on crime prevention, rather than on solving crime. The department’s chief, Fred Lau, claims he didn’t know his detectives weren’t solving crimes. I see his career with the SFPD being cut very short. Any boss who does not know what his employees are doing is not doing his job.

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