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Early Morning

Tuesday, May 21st, 2002 · No Comments

This morning was an early one. I awoke bright ‘n early at 6am to arrive at work before an 8am divisional all-hands meeting. It was one of those soothing, quiet mornings that follow a day of hard rain. The ground was still moist and there was a crispness in the air; it was not cold, but there was a brisk spring chill. Stella romped with me out to the parking lot and hopped in the back of the WRX. We cruised off to the TI tennis courts for some early-morning dog fun.

Scientists in northern England discovered the skeleton of an ancient Roman transvestite in 1981. Not until today, however, did they announce their conclusion regarding the young priest’s castrated state. Apparently it took great scientific minds 21 years to figure out that man’s desire to be feminine and wear women’s clothing is not just a modern phenomenon. Had they spent more time at AsiaSF, they would have quickly observed how natural some men look as women — clearly a development that began thousands of years ago, not just in recent history.

My hometown Sacramento Kings tied the NBA Western Conference Championship against the LA Lakers last night at 1-1. Go Kings! Put Sacramento on the map.

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