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Missing Nana

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002 · No Comments

People who are mourning are said to shed tears at seemingly strange times. This morning at 6:15 I found myself standing in my living room, shedding tears as I watched footage from Nana’s memorial service on March 16, 2002. Re-living that day, and the part of the ceremony where we passed pink roses around to the tune of Louie Armstrong‘s “What a Wonderful World,” was all it took to make me really, really miss Nana.

Yesterday on our way to Stonestown Galleria, Jen and I stopped in the Mission, planning to grab a burrito at a tacqueria I had been once before. We found a pretty decent spot and started to walk the several blocks to the food. About halfway there, we saw a crowd of nervous-looking people staring into a side street. Then we saw a bald man, fresh blood pouring from his head, wildly waving a squeegee in the air as he hopelessly pounded it against his attacker. I could not tell what the other man in the squabble used to bloody the bald man, but there was a third man with a hook for one hand hovering around the vicinity. The strange and stressful scene broke apart soon thereafter. Gotta love city life… We reached the burrito joint several minutes later. It was not the one I had been thinking of. There were several flies hanging out. So we did not.

This afternoon I stopped at Costco in Point Richmond on my way home from work. As I carried a double-case of Corona from the beer section back to my shopping cart, I stared up at the tremendous volume of goods stacked high above my head, clear to the ceiling of the huge warehouse. I honed in on the super mega-packs of Diet Pepsi and over-sized bags of Kingsford Charcoal and thought, “Wow. If there were a bad earthquake right now, I could be crushed by cans of sugar water and small black firestarters.”

The remains of Chandra Levy, Gary Condit’s Congressional intern who disappeared before September 11 but who became old news that fateful Tuesday morning, were found today in Washington Park. This is quite sad. I am sure, though, that the family is relieved, as they can finally begin to mourn.

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