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Homeland Security Not on Sale

Friday, June 7th, 2002 · No Comments

The big news of today is the announcement of the Bush Administration’s new proposal to create a cabinet office for Homeland Security, at a cost of a mere $37 billion. It’s always beyond me how much everything costs – even what seems to be a simple government reorganization. Changes include moving the Coast Guard from under the Department of Transportation (how much sense did that ever make in the first place?) to under Homeland Security

My horoscope for today claims that I’ll be “walking around in a daze.” Perhaps that’s because I’ll be a pint short of blood come 9:45 this morning.

Horoscope (by
Today, dear Aries, you might find yourself walking around in a daze. Your thoughts might be on romance, or on creative projects, or dreams, visions and spiritual matters. You’re likely to be especially intuitive right now, and more sensitive than usual to the pain of others. This is not a good day to visit a hospital! It is, however, a good day for meditation, study of metaphysical matters, or starting or completing artistic projects. Take advantage of these energies.

I finally saw Cast Away on HBO last night. What a disappointment. Two-and-a-half hours of watching a half-naked Tom Hanks talk to a volleyball, and the only satisfaction you get is a shaved version of him standing at a crossroads with a stupid grin on his face. Sure, he appreciates the simple life much more after four years of running around by himself on a deserted island and is disgusted by how much humans waste and how easy it is for us to make fire in the modern world (recall the end of the party that is thrown upon his return), but come on. Where’s the surprise ending? Where’s the twist? Where’s that feeling of satisfaction? Albeit, the movie was incredibly sad and leaves us questioning the excess of daily life in America, but Tom Hanks at a dusty crossroads? That’s it?

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