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Nanotechnology, Bowling, and the Gym

Thursday, June 13th, 2002 · No Comments

IBM has a cool new nanotechnology that allows tremendous amounts of data to be compressed on a disk the size of a sugar cube. It’s quite a few years out until it becomes a reality, but imagine having a cell-phone sized device that allows you to play MP3s, record videos, do all your personal computing, connect to the Internet, etc. Very cool stuff.

Today is the last day of this season’s Autodesk Bowling League. My teammate and I got second-to-last place (today’s game is just for fun, since we didn’t make the finals). My average after 8 weeks and 16 games is 133, with a handicap of 60. My high game on May 16, 2002 was 171. I think my all-time bowling high is about 176 or 177. I’ve yet to break the 180 mark or even get a turkey. I’ve come close many-a-times, though, with two strikes followed by 9 pins.

After work I’ll be heading to a gym ball class at the on-site Club One. Woohoo! Then later on, it’s off to see Undercover Brother with Jen, Enoch, and crew.

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