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How Exactly?

Thursday, June 20th, 2002 · No Comments

A decision by Southwest to charge “larger passengers” for two seats is really fucked up. Of course, no one wants to be crowded on a plane, but this seems like a double standard (no pun intended) to me. Why should larger people have to pay double if they take up more room on a plane, but people who don’t have enough room on the plane not have to pay half? It also seems like faulty logic. How does this even work, logistically? If the flight is sold out and I’m paying for two seats, shouldn’t that imply that someone is bumped from the plane? If I’m paying for 2 seats, I’m certainly taking two seats. I believe it’s illegal to doubly sell the same thing. For example, if I’ve paid for a hotel room and don’t stay in it or inform the hotel that I’m not going to be there, the hotel cannot resell the same room for the same night to someone else.

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