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Friday, July 12th, 2002 · No Comments

Last night Jen and I saw the independent film Cherish, starring the very talented, wry, funny Robin Tunney as Zoe Adler, who is accused of killing a bike cop while driving drunk (though it’s a bit more complicated than that). She is subsequently put on house arrest and the remainder of the movie — filmed in San Francisco with one scene shot from Treasure Island! — is an intense, hilarious roller-coaster not unlike Run Lola Run. I love seeing independent films that consistently put so much of the crap that comes out of Hollywood to shame. This is one movie certainly worth seeing. (Though Jen and I, at the very back of the theater, seemed to be the only folks in the audience with any sense of humor. No one else was laughing nearly as much as were we.)

The South African version of Sesame Street will soon be introducing a female character who is HIV-positive for its “Takalini Sesame” show. I think that is great. For a disease that’s so wide-spread and such a serious problem in our world, it’s about time we begin educating our children early about the realities of the world. I’m glad also that a similar character will also be introduced in the U.S. version of the show — though not without much protest from the right wing and close-minded idiots like Jerry Falwell, I’m sure.

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