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The Engagement Party

Tuesday, July 30th, 2002 · No Comments

We had quite the weekend. Bobby and Shannon threw a really great engagement party for me and Jen on Saturday. About 30-40 people showed up. It was quite heartwarming to see so many good friends and family come together. Here’s the thank you email that we just sent out to everyone (with link to photos from party).

Sunday Jen and I took a bunch of folks out to brunch at the Connecticut Yankee. The rest of the day we just chilled and took it easy, recovering from the exhausting day-and-a-half of entertaining.

Yesterday I worked from home to get a quote from Delancey Street School of Moving for our August 17 move to Larkspur. The quote was quite outrageous: nearly $1,000 for four men and 7.5 hours of moving time. I think the quote is bloated, since they’re not allowed to charge us more than they quote, but they can charge us less — depending on how long it actually takes. I sincerely doubt that (A) we’ll have 100 boxes worth of stuff (as they estimated) and (B) it will take four ex-cons three hours to load (and three more to unload) all our stuff. I also forgot to mention that we’d be taking over some stuff on our own, too, which I’m sure will help cut down on actual time to move.

Last night Jen and I headed over to Emeryville for the latest installment of the Austin Powers films: Goldmember. It was a fun movie, but, of course, more of the same from the first two flicks — including some recycled jokes.

I have successfully migrated my Web hosting service from Pair Networks, which served me reliably for four years, to DreamHost, which offers many more features (for the same price) that I’m excited to begin using: Web Admin Panel, PHP, MySQL, cron, SpamAssassin (woohoo! already it’s cut down my SPAM intake to about zero! (yesterday evening through current moment)), really knowledgeable/friendly/responsive staff, and more!

This is my first day posting to my Blog with my site hosted by DreamHost.

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