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Unix and Chairs, Oh My!

Friday, August 2nd, 2002 · No Comments

At last it’s Friday. A bit overcast outside, but the greatest day of the week nonetheless. This afternoon my mom should be arriving in Emeryville by train. I’ll be picking her up, then Jen and I will be going out to dinner with her. No decision yet, though, on where we’ll be going.

As much as I love Unix and learning all about it, the thing that’s scary about it is how easy it is to inadvertently delete or overwrite files. This morning I was experimenting with creating subdirectories in my mbox archive (which I managed to do successfully in one case) when I did it wrong the second time (without realizing until it was too late). After creating the subdirectory (“jenner”), I first moved one set of archives into this subdirectory, followed by another. When I went to examine what I thought was a subdirectory, turns out it was just another flat mbox file, so the second set of archives had overwritten the first.

Thank goodness DreamHost runs automatic backups every 6 hours! (One of the many reasons I left Pair Networks.) I’ve certainly been a big pain in the ass to DreamHost’s friendly and helpful support team, but I’m glad they’re so accessible. I’m currently waiting for the restore to happen (and keeping my fingers crossed!).

Last night Jen and I went to look at the amazing stuffed leather chair and matching ottoman that we’re going to purchase tomorrow. The guy bought them from Macy’s not too long ago, where the original price was more than $1,300! He bought them on sale for about $700 and is selling to us for $350. The chair is sooo comfortable it should be illegal. Jen and I will most certainly be fighting for daily sitting rights in the chair. Maybe we’ll even have to create a seating chart. Rather than dealing with the hassle of renting a Budget van like we did last time (when we bought the leather couch), we’re hiring a Bay Area guy (“Person with a Truck“) who makes a business out of helping people pick up goods bought on craigslist. He’s not a moving company, though, since the PUC has weird regulations about moving companies, as I learned on Monday when meeting with our movers.

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