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Monday, August 5th, 2002 · No Comments

This morning moments after waking up Jen for work, I complimented her on her beautiful engagement ring (as I often do) and she said that she had dreamt that it got broken. I then told her that I had dreamt that during an attempted synchronization between my Yahoo! Calendar and a Palm Pilot with a dying battery (which, I’m sure, was present in my subconscious dream state since I let my mom borrow my old-school first-generation Pilot that needed new batteries), I had lost all the data in my Yahoo! Calendar. This was quite a bummer in my dream, since I could no longer view a list of all the movies, among other events, that I’ve seen and had logged in my online calendar. Funny the different things that men and women dream about.

Friday night Jen and I went out to a great dinner with both my parents at Farallon, mine and Jen’s favorite fine-dining establishment in the city ranked by Gourmet Magazine as having the best food in the country. Farallon is usually ranked among the top two or three restaurants in the city. Jen and I had only been there once before, and again, the food was to die for. We both had Alaskan halibut, cooked and flavored to perfection.

Saturday it was off to pick up our new leather chair and ottoman from Steve in Twin Peaks, with the help of a man named Dave who drove a pickup truck (I had found him that morning on craigslist). Dave was only asking for $25 to help us transport the chair, but we gave him an extra 10 since he did it on such short notice, showed up right on time, and was really nice. He seemed taken aback that I was giving him quite a bit more than he had requested, and it looked like he was about to hand the 10 back to me.

Saturday night we headed to Glen Park with Ben and Jess for a fun-filled going-away party at Rhys’ beautiful four-story home. The party was catered by Deeelicious Dishes, owned and operated by Rhys’ friend Karen.

Sunday was a mostly relaxing day at home, with packing for the move now fully underway.

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