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Homeless Entrepreneur

Wednesday, August 7th, 2002 · No Comments

A homeless man in Rome was arrested yesterday for having made a living out of stealing thousands of euros every few days from Trevi Fountain. When the cops hung out at the fountain at dawn to wait for him, he looked right at them and proceeded to sweep up his change from the fountain. I think that’s hilarious. It’s not funny, though, that he’s been taking the money away from charities who would have otherwise received it. Why did it take Roman authorities so long to catch him? And why is Roberto Cercelletta the only man smart enough to have been doing this for nearly 40 years (since 1968)? Regardless, had I known there were several thousand dollars’ worth of change in the Trevi when Jen and I were there in April, I might have dove in myself.

Yesterday I sent a letter to the editor of NextDraft, Dave Pell, following his obnoxious commentary and childish pokes at Anna Nicole Smith in his column on Tuesday (see original column following my letter). Of course, I’ve yet to hear back from him (and doubt that I will). I’ve subscribed to Dave’s newsletters (first Davenetics and now NextDraft) for years and this is the first time I’ve been truly disgusted by him. And apparently Dave fails to recognize the importance of acknowledging his readers, without whom he wouldn’t really have a reason for publishing his email newsletter. When I was editing Capitol Action Weekly for four years, I always responded to readers who took the time to write to me — even if it was simply to thank them. Good or bad, feedback from readers is one of the most rewarding parts of editing a newsletter. Apparently Dave does not agree. Or he still has a lot to learn — especially if he wants to make it in the world of journalism.

My friend and coworker Karen sent me this beautiful aerial view photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. Her friend was fortunate enough to climb to the top of the bridge yesterday. And what a day! He sure lucked out. But as Jen’s dad would say, this photo is “like being there.”

Today feels like Friday since Jen and I are off to New York tonight via red-eye flight. We’ll be in Poughkeepsie on Wednesday to get reacquainted with the Vassar Chapel, where our wedding next year will be held.

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