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Fun with Horoscopes

Tuesday, August 13th, 2002 · No Comments

My horoscope for today quite simply sums up how I’ve been feeling the last couple days:

Aries Horoscope
You are in an introspective mood, which is most unusual for you, dear Aries. In addition, you find yourself drawn to classical music and the artwork of the old masters. What’s gotten in to you? Could it be that as you become more enlightened, your tastes change as well. Likely so. Why not begin to keep a journal as part of your evolution? You’ll find that writing is an efficient way to release ideas. On top of that, it’s therapeutic as well.

I haven’t yet found myself drawn to classical music of late, and got my fix of the old masters back in April while in Italy, but the bit about feeling introspective and writing in a journal (so that’s what this is all about!) certainly fits.With each day, I feel more and more compelled to add an entry about my thoughts. I enjoy creating a written history as I live my life. As I said to Jen the other day on the plane while jotting down notes for the forthcoming redesign of my Web site: It’s not so much for anyone else — though it is cool when people stumble across my Web site — but more for me and you (Jen). I like documenting my life as I live it, so that we can look back some day and reminisce. And share with our kids and grandkids. As for the introspective feeling, I think it may be partly caused by the big change on the horizon: Saturday’s move, our first in three years. That, and my increasingly fiercer burning desire to get more into the planning of the business.

Yesterday I picked up Stella from Planet Canine. I was excited to see her and she was ready to come home. She seemed tired and happy, having played with other dogs 6-8 hours per day since last Wednesday morning.

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