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Break at Juan’s

Thursday, August 15th, 2002 · No Comments

Last night Jen and I took a hiatus from the intense packing underway at good ol’ 1147-D to hit our favorite Mexican food joint, Juan’s Place in Berkeley. It rocked, as always. (Shoot! I just realized that i forgot to bring my burrito nub for lunch today.) Before going into eat, we managed to catch the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society before they closed for the evening. In our quest for a second dog, we were pleased to find the building filled with wonderful dogs. There was a noble Siberian husky named Kobe, a good-looking malamute, and, out back, a cute little lab-boxer mix called Rusty. He was sick with kennel cough and sounded terrible, but we really liked him, so we took him out for a spin. He passed two important tests while standing on the sidewalk across from Juan’s: passing biker and toeheaded little person; he barked at neither one. We still need to talk to Mollie to find out if any good ones have recently come into the SF SPCA.

While cleaning out the closet of the office last night, I came across my old Apple StyleWriter 1200. It barely worked back in the day, so I posted it for free this morning on Autodesk’s internal classifieds. We’ll see if anyone bites.

It’s really scary that President Bush continues to make threats against Iraq. Saddam Hussein has now issued a warning that any attacks will be countered. Wonderful. Let’s pick a fight with a country we fear has nuclear and biological weaponry so that they won’t use these bad things. Of course, doing so will only have the effect we would be trying to prevent. Way to go, Bush. Your decision-making skills continue to amaze us all.

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