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Moving Day

Saturday, August 17th, 2002 · No Comments

Moving day is coming to a close. Jen, Stella, and I are settled in here at Larkspur Shores. The new place is great and is growing on us (and Stella) by the minute. Delancey Street Movers were great. They came in at less than half their estimate (just under 4 hours of work, 9am to 1pm) and did a great job. After being a bit disappointed by the lack of intense (direct) natural light (our townhouse faces south, porch looks to north, no east-west windows), Jen and I are really enjoying the new pad. We’ve done a bit of unpacking and have quite a ways to go, but it’s beginning to feel like home.

We set up our outdoor table and chairs on the patio this evening and enjoyed some nice champagne (top-shelf half-bottle from our local Mollie Stone’s, where Jen encountered more than one sixty-year-old woman with stretched face today) with Stella by our feet and dogs romping around on the unofficial city dog park below. In the neighboring apartment building, we could hear classical music while a small pup sprinted in circles around the field, big dogs by his side. What a change from the blaring bass, screaming children, and cracked-out Treasure Island life! (Especially in contrast to Jen’s fitting send-off yesterday morning on TI when one neighbor came running out of her house, screaming “Fuck you! You did me wrong!” to the calm man watering the lawn, prior to jumping in her car, driving 45 miles per hour around the parking lot, and slamming on her brakes just before crashing into his golf cart.)

There’s so much greenery here. The air feels great. The breeze is refreshing. It’s absolutely beautiful. And quiet. It’s quite a welcome change from Treasure Island. We’ve been talking about moving for so long. It’s still hard to believe the day has finally come (and is about to come to an end).

We have another trip or so left at Treasure Island, but the majority of our stuff is here. Mainly junk to clear out of TI before the house cleaner comes. Tomorrow it’s more unpacking, settling in, buying shower curtains, and more.

It will be wonderful to start the morning by walking to our local coffee shop, JR Muggs, which we’re quite pleased to learn is not a Starbucks in disguise. Rather, it’s one of two shops privately owned by two women.

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