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Settling In

Wednesday, August 21st, 2002 · No Comments

Still settling into the new place, Jen and I watched Say Anything, the ’80s classic with John Cusack, last night. I’d never seen it before and really enjoyed it. I now own the DVD. The other day I guess I was in an ’80s mood, as I bought that and another classic from the decade of my childhood, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Today I went to see my new physical therapist for the first time and am really glad I finally went to treat my knee. She gave me some exercises to do a couple times per day on the foam roller. She said that my posture leans to the right, so there’s a lot of pressure on that side of my body. My knee is also hyper-extending. I go back to see her again next Wednesday.

Tonight is a first: Jen and I get to walk to our hometown movie theater, Century Larkpur Landing, to see Possession with Karen and some of her friends.

Cool links from today:

Powers of Ten puts humans and Earth in a global perspective.
The Official Ninja Webpage pays tribute to the ultimate fighting machines.

Today’s catchy jingle: “Brown is the color of a dog I know!” (See Gabe or Jen for appropriate tune.)

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