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Back in the Running Game

Thursday, September 12th, 2002 · No Comments

Today at lunchtime I went running for the first time in as long as I can remember. And it was an actual, sweaty run. I went with a couple co-workers. We ran 2.5 miles in about 23.5 minutes. A slow pace, for sure, but not too shabby seeing as I haven’t run in ages. My knee didn’t and doesn’t hurt. This is a good thing. The physical therapy has been great. I always forget how invigorating exercise is. I’m glad I’m back into it. Now I just have to keep it up. It’s good to have people to motivate you to run.

Yesterday was certainly a somber day. Jen and I managed to make it through most of the day without watching any of the 9/11 coverage. After watching the intense, lesbian-thieves-meet-Mafia thriller Bound, we tuned into the CBS special called 9/11, also an intense thriller (of the more serious kind with no lesbian sex).

The documentary was incredible. As Jen said, “I wish we could tell them to get out [of the WTC tower that was about to collapse].” It was eye-opening and intensely sad to see the terrorist attacks unfold from the perspective of someone who was there on the ground — and to have that feeling of being right there as it all happened. The hardest part must’ve been seeing those people who had jumped from the towers land on the ground below. Just hearing the distinctive thud with each body was hard enough in the documentary. One of the firefighters said something to the effect of, “It makes you wonder how bad it must’ve been up there if the better choice was jumping to your death.”

I’m excited and proud of myself for having created a great database-driven application for the forthcoming wedding Web site. It’s a wedding guestbook — nothing fancy but quite functional (and no design as of yet). But I built it all myself and that’s a good feeling. My dad was the first to post to it. One of the advantages of building and hosting it myself is that we never have to worry about its going away; it will always be there for years to come. Hopefully it will become a great place for our friends and family to post memories.

Karen’s on her sabattical, but swung by the office to say hi today. It was good to see her. We’re going to meet up for lunch tomorrow.

Tonight it’s off with Jen and the FF kids to a bar in the Mission called Laszlo.

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