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Blogger Woes

Friday, September 13th, 2002 · No Comments

Grrr….stupid Blogger is having problems right now. Sometimes all my archives (or, in this case, June, July, and August) will simply disappear from my archive list. I guess there’s something going on with technology today. I also typed this long-winded suggestion to Dreamhost about offering an interim hosting plan that would be about 15 bucks per month and offer more disk space. I made the mistake of typing it directly in a Web form and not pasting it somewhere else, too. Of course, when I sent to submit it, their database was having problems so it looks like I’ve lost all that. If there’s one thing I hate losing, it’s my writing. In the case of Blogger, at least everything is still there; it’s just that their software isn’t seeing it.

Last night was a lot of fun. Met up with the FF crew at the bar that’s connected to Foreign Cinema. From there we went to this kick-ass burrito joint near 24th and Mission or so. I had a big-ass chicken super burrito and actually ate the whole thing. Next, we went to this other bar and played some shuffleboard. It was fun.

I woke up this morning with very sore legs (from the running yesterday), but I did some stretches and they feel better now.

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