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Happy Dingo Comes Home

Saturday, September 14th, 2002 · No Comments

Today is a big day for me, Jen, and Stella Brie. We all just returned from the Marin Humane Society where we spent some time with Stella’s future brother, Split. He’s a spunky little border collie mix whose name will be changed to Bobby McGee. He and Stella got along excellently and had a great time running around. Passing the Stella test is no easy task. All three of us adore Bobby. He’ll be coming home with us later this afternoon, after Jen and I get back from her coworker Jane’s party in Montclair.

I first saw Bobby yesterday afternoon after Karen and I had lunch together and visited the Humane Society. I saw Bobby and immediately knew that he was the two-dog we’ve been searching for for so long. Two people had him on hold before I added my name when I returned after work yesterday (which I’m glad I did), but as of about 10 this morning we were first on the list (got a call from the Humane Society).

Welcome to the family, Bobby McGee!

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