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Work Dog

Wednesday, September 18th, 2002 · No Comments

Happy’s here at work with me this afternoon. It’s so refreshing to have a dog who actually likes people and who doesn’t try to attack other dogs in passing. He’s just chillin’ on the floor of my office right now. He’s a really good officemate, unlike Stella Brie.

My nervousness has subsided since this morning’s deposition is over with. That’s the worst of it (I hope). Only slip-up I had was when I was asked if anyone else lives with me, and I said, “No,” thinking, of course, of me and Jen as a unit who no longer have roommates! I quickly corrected myself. I’m sure that won’t hurt my credibility (at least I hope!). The traffic wasn’t at all bad, either, and I got to work before noon.

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