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Weekend Roundup

Monday, September 23rd, 2002 · No Comments

This weekend was a lot of fun. Friday evening I picked up Jen (who got the afternoon off and had spent several hours drinking with coworkers already) and then Enoch from Transbay, and we all headed off to the Lower Haight for a cocktail party at Kat’s beautiful flat. I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of San Francisco houses. Just being in the city and walking around really made both me and Jen want to live there again. So later that night, after dropping off Enoch on TI and a late dinner at Juan’s, we talked about how cool it would be to raise our future kids in San Francisco since it’s such a unique, culturally-stimulating place that fosters education and understanding of all people.

Saturday we spent mostly around the house, getting things cleaned up before James and Tracy would arrive that night. We took the dogs to the Sausalito Dog Park for a bit. There were tons of dogs, but our two weird dogs didn’t really want to play too much with the others. When James and Tracy arrived later on, we all walked to Marin Brewing Company for a late dinner.

Sunday began with a delicious homecooked brunch around noon. Jen made a scramble and fake sausage patties and I made a dozen Belgian waffles. James and I were feeling saucy, so we turned our OJ into screwdrivers, and also invented “driverscrews” — the dipping of orange slices into vodka. Mmm… It was a fun warm-up for the rest of the day that we would spend in Sonoma — first at Viansa then at Gloria Ferrer. We all had a really good time at both places. James and I were in rare form at the latter, where we went through three full glasses of Brut Rose, and James even bought a whole bottle to go.

Last night Jen made a delicious dinner for everyone — lasagne and eggplant parm. Enoch even came over to hang out and partake of the goodness.

Happy earned his second pee strike when he had the nerve to take a leak right in front of me. I caught him in the act and yelled at him.

Also over the weekend I heard from one of my good friends from Vassar, Larry Weinstein. It’s always really cool hearing from old friends. It’s fun catching up and hearing what everyone’s up to. I really like Larry so I was psyched to hear from him. And I just read the props that Larry gave me and Jen in his blog. Thanks, Larry. You rock.

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