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Duck Hunter

Tuesday, September 24th, 2002 · No Comments

This morning Happy Dingo and I stopped at J.R. Muggs. When I walked in behind a group of men clad in army camo rags, I suspected they were more likely on their way to hunting ducks (is it duck season?) than on a mission of the U.S. government. My suspicion was confirmed when I overheard one of the men order a double low-fat latte.

Last night Jen, James, Tracy, and I had a yummy Thai dinner at the Thai House in Central San Rafael. After that, James and Tracy headed back to Sac and Jen and I took it easy the rest of the night, watching the dogTV.

Tonight Dad and I are off to Pac Bell Park to see the Giants battle the Padres. I think this will be my fourth game this season.

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