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The TI Living Room Carpet Saga

Thursday, September 26th, 2002 · No Comments

After much debate yesterday with the incompetent “Reggie” of Treasure Island’s The Villages — and everything short of being accused of lying — I finally managed to get the fool to agree to give us back the $416.99 they tried to charge us to replace the living room carpet. He acted like he was doing us a favor by not charging us for the non-existent “dog damage.” Apparently they had already replaced the carpet so he couldn’t see for himself. That, and because we had lived there for three years, were the reasons he cited for giving us the money back. Of course, I’ll have to call him again next week when the check hasn’t arrived and argue with him all over again.

Last night our home Internet connection was down, so I went home this morning to meet the technician to fix it. Of course, now that it’s all better, my computer is having problems. I think I may have to reinstall the OS. Geez…

Also last night Jen and I saw Jennifer Aniston’s new flick, The Good Girl at our hometown theater. The movie was really well done, but was a bit of a downer. Despite its darkness, Jen and I both really enjoyed it.

The latest exciting development with Dad’s new installment of 100 Faces of Marin is that Jen and I will likely be collaborating on the production of the book. The project and funding are moving along steadily. Dad emailed me this press release today about the book.

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