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Wine Making in Montclair

Friday, September 27th, 2002 · No Comments

Last night after work I headed over to beautiful and green Montclair to meet up with Jen at her coworker Jane’s place to help out with some winemaking. It was our first foray into the world of vinting — and good practice for running the vineyard that we’ll some day own. We helped out with the pressing of 100 pounds of red Zinfandel grapes that had already been sitting with yeast for awhile. When all was said and done, we had filled a 6-gallon jug (that will yield approximately 2.5 cases of wine) that will ferment for about a year. It will be cool to head back to Jane and Sarah’s place a year from now to help with the bottling. Wine making rocks.

I was hoping and planning to attend virtually this morning’s eLearning Forum meeting in Mountain View — via Centra. As cool as Web-conferencing technology is, it’s still in its infancy and simply not working right now. Bummer. My coworker Dave is on a panel this morning and it would’ve been cool to listen in.

In my attempt to refine my custom content management system that I’m beginning to use on my Web site, I posted this message to DreamHost’s discussion forum this morning.

Later this afternoon I’ll be dropping off Happy Dingo at Planet Canine, since Jen, Stella, and I will be heading to Sacramento tonight to hang out with James and Tracy. Happy isn’t quite ready to be trusted alone in the room at Nana’s house. Case in point: He ate his bed inside his crate last night.

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