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I Love Solving Problems

Monday, September 30th, 2002 · 3 Comments

I love solving problems. That’s a big part of why I love technology so much. I just solved a challenging PHP/MySQL problem that I’ve been working on since last week. Now I have a truly functional (yet quite simple) CMS for my Web site — with good database design. There’s a main table for content and referenced table that contains the content categories. And I finally got the forms that manage the content to work splendidly. Next it’s time to create content and apply new design!

This morning on NPR I heard a story about West Coast ports, including Oakland’s, being shut down and locking out dock workers. This is crazy. West Coast ports from San Diego to Seattle are all shut down. Collectively, they brought in $300 billion in goods last year. It’s estimated to impact the national economy at a rate of $1 billion per day that the ports do not operate. I got to thinking about unions, how much influence they can have, and how inter-connected everything is. The ports being shut down affects not just the dock workers. Next, it affects the truck drivers who are paid by the load and cannot pick up their shipments from the cargo ships. Then it affects manufacturers and suppliers who build consumer goods and supply our stores. It’s surely impacting some of Autodesk’s customers in the manufacturing industry. So it could even impact me. If Autodesk’s customers don’t do well, Autodesk doesn’t do well. Then our stock price might be impacted and everyone’s job is at risk.

OK, enough of that, but you get the idea. The world and its daily operations are more connected than anyone realizes.

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