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Stressful Day

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002 · No Comments

Today started out as one of those days when you know things just aren’t going to be good. As he has an annoying tendency to do, Happy Dingo pissed all over his legs first thing this morning. It’s good that he’s no longer going in the house, but sometimes he sees Stella go somewhere new and exciting, so he wants to try it out, too. Rather than taking his time and aim, he gets all worked up and starts pissing while he’s sniffing and walking all around.

6:35am: Jen and I slowly try to force ourselves out of bed. We’re not moving very fast. 7:08am: We’re off to the ferry terminal. Jen is early. This is good. 7:20am: I return home to walk the dogs. 7:40am: Feed the dogs and make coffee. 7:50am: Shave. No hot water. Uh oh. Think of Plan B. 7:55am: Shower won’t heat up. 8am: Turn on computer to confirm first meeting at 9am. Computer won’t get an IP address. Internet connection won’t work. 8:05am: Still no hot water. Call Larkspur Shores answering service. “Building 2700? We just paged someone.” 8:10am: Still no hot water. Time to make decision: Stick around until “someone” gets his act together and water is heated, or make a run for Autodesk Club One. 8:15am: Now I know why I have that gym membership. 8:30am: Shower. 8:45am: Drive to office to print out docs for meeting. 9am: Arrive on the dot to meeting (back in other building where I showered). Phew.

Last night was better. Jen and I had dinner at a yummy burrito joint deep in the Mission. Then we headed to the San Francisco Hilton for a Vassar Admissions info session, led by our classmate and Assistant Director of Admissions Marivel Oropeza ’99. The event was quite formal, but enjoyable. Marivel did a great job presenting. It’s always fun talking about Vassar. But damn was it hot in that room!

Here’s an email exchange I had with The Miscellany News’ current Editor-in-Chief wherein I provide some history of the Web servers. It’s pretty incredible to think that The Misc. first went online 8 full years ago. And that I was first involved nearly that long ago.

Before falling asleep last night I had this realization that, as of this past Monday (9/30/02), I now own individual stocks for the first time ever. It’s a cool feeling. I’m so used to thinking in terms of stock options — including the thousands of valueless options that I once had — that it took awhile for it to sink in that I now own several hundred shares of stock with real value. Good stuff.

For some reason, my uneasiness and frustration with working for someone else has been sparking up. It’s hard to explain, but, in a nutshell, I have this burning desire to do something I’m passionate about that would generate good income and not involve working for anyone else. I feel like there’s something there, right under my nose, but I can’t put my fingers on it. I’ve always felt this way and just worry that as time passes, the harder it will be to identify and pursue.

Tonight Jen and I are meeting Dad and the book people to talk about doing production for the book. We’re going to this guy’s house in Novato where he apparently has 90 Malamutes. Rock on.

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