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I Hate Virtual Presentations

Thursday, October 3rd, 2002 · No Comments

I hate virtual presentations. It’s 7:37am and I’ve already been at work for nearly an hour. Although working for an international company presents the amazing opportunity of working with people overseas, something inevitably goes wrong when presenting to a group. This morning I had three folks calling in to my office — from right here in San Rafael, Seattle, and Bangalore, Karnataka (India). First, NetMeeting wouldn’t open on my computer. OK, everyone had a copy of the presentation, so I could deal with that. But then my stupid administrator virus scan and Previo fire up simultaneously. The latter is easy enough to cancel, but the former is a bit more difficult to get out of the way. All this while trying to click through a PowerPoint presentation. But alas, I made it. It’s over with now, and I feel better.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Last night Jen and I went to George’s amazing hilltop mansion in Novato to talk with the book crew. Jen blew everyone away with her publishing know-how and her samples of Diagnostic Imaging and BioMechanics. (Jen rocks.) So at the end of the meeting, we get to talking about dogs. Here’s my casual IM narrative to Jonty this morning about what happened:

GabeVC99: hey, speaking of being self-employed: something really cool happened last night.
jyamisha: what’s that?
GabeVC99: my dad’s in the planning phases for writing another book (another version of “100 faces of marin”) and he has all these rich marinites who are funding it.
jyamisha: woah
jyamisha: sounds cool
GabeVC99: jen and i are going to do the production. so last night we went to this dude’s AMAZING hilltop mansion.
GabeVC99: he doesn’t say much during the meeting, but afterwards, we get to talking about dogs.
GabeVC99: (he has a kennel outside with 4 dogs in it.)
GabeVC99: he asks if i like dogs. and i said, hell yeah. jen and i love dogs so much we’re hoping to start a kennel here in marin.
GabeVC99: he lights up and starts telling me about the 90 or so sled dogs and KENNELS he owns in tahoe!
GabeVC99: and says, in all seriousness, let me know if you need an investor!!
GabeVC99: pretty cool, eh??

Tonight when we meet with the Captain, I plan on getting advice from him on the kennel front, too.

Yesterday while IMing with my old college buddy Dan Merrill, he pointed me to this great Apple ad wherein the chick is so stoned that Apple had to pull the ad from TV because people complained. I think it’s hilarious. “It was……a bummer.” Ha!

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