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Happy Pees

Tuesday, October 8th, 2002 · No Comments

It is not often that I am so fuming with anger before 7am and screaming profanities. But Happy’s pissing on the living carpet (again!) will do that to me. He only managed to leak a little bit, but it’s getting ridiculous. Sure, he drank a ton last night, but we took him out twice — once right before bed and just an hour prior to that. And this morning, I was on my way down the stairs to take the dogs out. And there he went. The good news is that it wasn’t stinking and that there was barely anything there.

On a brighter note, the Giants beat the Braves last night to advance to the National League Championship Series for the first time since the quake series in 1989. Go Giants! And speaking of earthquakes, I was talking to my physical therapist yesterday about the ’89 quake and our respective experiences. She said that this is “earthquake weather” — she remembers that October week 13 years ago when the last Big One hit and how the weather was quite similar to how it’s been this week (ass hot). Hmm…Giants in the NLCS, it’s October, it’s hot. Are the planetary forces lining up to rock the Bay Area once again? The only saving grace that does not point to a repeat of 1989 is that the A’s got beat earlier this week.

I finally got around last night to uploading a bunch of photos from the last few weeks. This morning I sent out the photos from the dinner party to the FF kids. There are also some funny Stella, Happy, and Enoch photos in there.

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