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Ferrari 360? Bring it on!

Wednesday, October 9th, 2002 · No Comments

I raced a Ferrari 360 Spider yesterday. I didn’t exactly have the chance to square up on the line or even get next to it, but I stayed right on its ass. Not bad, considering the Spider retails for $170,779, a full $144,779 more than I paid for my WRX. Sure, the Spider can do 0-60 in 4.5 seconds compared with my 5.4 seconds, but dollar for dollar, I’d say I got the better deal. Of course, if I could have afforded a Spider, I would’ve bought one. Some day.

Last night Jen and I watched this great movie on Cinemax called Donnie Darko, which just may be added to my list of favorite movies (the Web site is really cool, too). It had everything that my kind of movie should have: humor, trippy music, interesting characters, discussions of the philosophy of time and time travel, randomness, a demon bunny, and Web sites that extend the story. It was also a movie that makes you think. And that continues after it’s over. According to the “Which Donnie Darko Character Are You?” site, I am Gretchen Ross. I knew I liked that character. The description of me is rather accurate, too:

“Congratulations, you are Gretchen Ross. You are very perceptive of the world around you. You are a good person with strong morals. Although your life hasn’t been exactly the way you would like it, you still think the world is beautiful. Good for you.”

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