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Blogger Pro?

Thursday, October 10th, 2002 · No Comments

My quest to find a good search solution for my Web site continues. I’m deciding whether I should invest the 35 bucks per year in Blogger Pro to get a bunch of really cool features, the most exciting of which are the email functionality (I will be able to post here via email) and the search capability. I have some concerns about the latter, so I just contacted the folks at Blogger with this question:

Hi There-

I’m considering upgrading my account to Blogger Pro. I’m particularly interested in the email and search features.

I know the search feature isn’t yet available, but I’m wondering if it can be leveraged to index other areas of my Web site that are not generated by Blogger. That is, I have a number of other HTML and PHP pages on my site that I’d like to make searchable. Would I be able to use the Blogger Pro search to do this, or would the content have to actually be in my blog for this to work?

On that note, does the search extend across multiple blogs, or is there only one search per blog?


The Giants kicked ass last night in the first game of the NLCS. Woohoo! And next season, we can apparently look forward to seeing something besides that giant Enron “E” in centerfield.

This Game Trading Zone seems pretty cool. Not that I ever really play video games these days, but there also seems to be a community of DVD trading there, too. This may be the place to which Sandy was referring awhile back.

In the continuing search for a new house, I came across a posting yesterday for this great place in Bernal Heights. It’s a 2-bedroom, 2-bath place with a private yard, hardwood floors throughout, separate dining room, bay windows, fireplace, granite countertops in the kitchen, and more. At $499k, it’s probably too good to be true (that’s one of the rules of real estate: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is). The place is right on Mission, so even though it’s a top-floor condo in a new building, I would guess it’s noisy (or sketchy).

In my attempt to encourage my fiancee to read my blog instead of Wil Wheaton’s, I’ve decided to make an effort to link to at least one thing she’ll find interesting. Today, I bring you an online reference to ass trumpet, as well as the Google search results for the exact phrase, of which there are a mere 63. Once Google archives this entry, I will be joining an elite crowd of Web publishers who say “ass trumpet.” Here’s to number 64, baby. (Hey, guess what? Whil Wheaton’s site isn’t responding right now, so you’ll be stuck reading my blog anyway! >:>)

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