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Helen Smith Passes Away

Tuesday, October 15th, 2002 · No Comments

Jen’s grandmother Helen Smith passed away yesterday. I was never fortunate enough to have known her during her earlier years, but I know how important she was in Jen’s life. If she had anything to do with making Jen who she is today, then that’s good enough for me. For that, I am grateful to Helen Smith. May she rest in peace.

I’m ashamed to admit that I missed the Giants win the National League pennant last night for the first time in 13 years. I also learned this morning that the Giants have never won a World Series as the San Francisco Giants. The last time the team won a World Series was 1954 — as the New York Giants. Let’s hope SF makes history this year!

I missed the game because I was at a focus group sponsored by Guinness. And my hopes of getting paid to drink beer were shot. Not a glass of beer, Guinness or otherwise, was anywhere in sight. No, the beer company was interested in how 21- to 26-year-old men feel about social groups — and individuals within those groups. It was an interesting experience, but I do wish I had stayed home and watched the Giants game. Sure, there are always the replays and the photos, but I know that feeling of watching your team win big. And I chose $65 over that priceless feeling. (Although I was chosen at the focus group to do a take-home picture assignment that could get me another $65.) I don’t plan on missing the Giants win the World Series. Even if someone were to pay me.

After leaving work early yesterday, I began several loops around the Bay — first to pick up Jen for our afternoon dentist appointments with Dr. Yee, who offered to provide us both with complimentary teeth polishing before our wedding next year. Rock on, Dr. Yee. Then it was up over the Golden Gate Bridge to drop off Jen at home. Begin Lap 2 across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge toward Berkeley for the focus group. And the rest of the night is history.

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