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New York Trip Recap

Monday, October 21st, 2002 · No Comments

Back in the office today after a quick trip to New York, I’m feeling rather out of it and not much like being at work. I don’t feel tired exactly — more like I just flew across the country yesterday and am ready to take it easy at home.

After picking up Stella and Happy from Planet Canine this morning, I dropped off the Big One at home and came back to work with Happy, who’s currently showing his rope toy who’s boss. Earlier this afternoon I went to Wells Fargo in an attempt to deposit the two checks from The Villages — with four signatures. Of course, I was told that all four of us had to be there. That is not possible. So I deposited the checks in the ATM and returned inside to confirm that the deposit showed up without being held; it did. But I’m going to wait a few days just to make sure there are no problems. Then, at long last, the TI deposit saga will come to a close.

The trip to New York was, despite the circumstances, pretty good. It’s a beautiful time of year to be in Upstate New York, with the leaves changing colors and the weather just right. Usually, Jen and I are in NY in either summer (too hot and humid) or winter (too bitter cold), so it was a nice change to spend a few days when the weather was just right.

After a painless flight on Thursday, we arrived that evening. Tracy and Christine picked us up at the Albany Airport and we pretty much just chilled the rest of the night, emotionally preparing for the funeral the next day. (Here’s a strange bit of breaking news about a possible UFO over the Albany Airport. I’ve also archived the text on my site since this is too good to lose — a new habit I’m trying to develop.)

Friday was the funeral itself. For the first time in my life, I was a pallbearer. I was honored that Jen’s mom asked me to be one of the six. There wasn’t much to it, but I’m glad I had the experience and that I’m close enough with Jen’s family that I would be included in such a way on that important day.

We spent most of Friday night with the family at Jen’s uncle’s log cabin in the woods (yes, an actual log cabin in the woods with a plethora deer heads, pheasants, bear hides on the wall, and even a taxidermied bear cub in the middle of the living room, who was included in the family portraits by the end of the night). I had a really good time and am glad I got to spend the time with Jen’s family. I’m sure I’ll feel that much closer to everyone when I see them all again — most likely at our wedding next year. We hung out with Karen later that night.

Saturday we mostly hung out with Tracy, and later watched the Giants win the first game of the World Series. It was really cool to see Barry Bonds step up to his first World Series at-bat and knock it out of the park.

Yesterday we flew. And flew. The trip was mostly OK, with only three annoyances:

1) Jen and I being in separate boarding groups (she in C and I in B) simply because we checked in at the ticket counter, rather than at the gate (specifically because we thought we would get boarding group A).
2) Because Jen was in boarding group C, she was forced to check her suitcase, even though I had saved a spot in the overhead bin for it.
3) The crotch-rubbing, booger-eating, smelly, falling-out-of-his-seat-into-mine, talking-and-singing-to-himself 16-year-old boy who ended up sitting in our exit row from Kansas City to Oakland. I offered him the wannabe Maxim mag I had found in the seat pocket, but he wasn’t interested. Later, during an ear-numbing rendition of “Dancing Queen,” I asked him if he took requests; he did not. While dozing off, I had to shove him out of my seat.

It’s good to be home.

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