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Hit-and-Run Accident

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002 · No Comments

Following a fatal hit-and-run accident at Harrison and Main early this morning by some maniacal asshole still on the loose, Jen had the unfortunate stomach-churning experience of walking by the crime scene on her way to work and seeing the body of the victim, partially covered by a tarp and still in the driver’s seat. With sickos like that and the DC-area sniper still on the loose, one doesn’t have to look to Iraq or North Korea to realize that the world is a scary, fucked-up place.

At least we’ll always have entertainment from the Aussies to distract us. “Puppetry of the Penis” opens October 29 at Theater on the Square. I hope to be there for some appendage-bending comedy.

I had my 9,948-mile oil change this morning. It’s hard to believe the Scoobie is about to hit the 10k mark.

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