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East Bay Outings on a Cold Day

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002 · No Comments

It’s cold today. I’m at home after a really long (4-plus hours) doctor’s appointment for my worker’s comp case. They performed just about every test in the book on me. After it was all said and done, I dropped by Greenberg Qualitative Research to drop off my scrapbook and mini-Polaroid and to pick up my check for $75. Not bad for about an hour of time last night cutting pictures out of a magazine, writing down my thoughts, and taking pictures of Jen and the dogs. Jen even posed for one at our local bar, the Silver Peso, which we visited for the first time last night.

So after all my East Bay outings, I decided to just work from home the remainder of the day. It’s now quarter-till five and the Giants game begins soon. I hope they can make a comeback (time to squash the rally monkey!) and don’t embarrass themselves like they did in last night’s 10-4 loss.

I posted this message yesterday to comp.mail.pine about NNTP services. I have a handful of replies and suggestions already. After posting that message, I created a new email account with Fastmail. It is the address I plan to use henceforth for newsgroups and other times when I need to post my email address online. The new address, which will hopefully avoid spam, is this: By publishing it here, I am also performing a little test to see if spammers will pick it up, or if it will remain spam-free.

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