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Giants Win 16-4

Thursday, October 24th, 2002 · No Comments

The Giants just kicked the Angels’ asses, 16-4! Woohoo! What a great birthday present to Dad, who watched the game with us tonight.

Also, I just checked my work email and read a security advisory from earlier this afternoon about a bank robbery that happened at the Wells Fargo I frequent. Eerily enough, when I was standing in the bank earlier this week, I saw someone suspicious and had one of those random “what if” thoughts about what would happen if the guy were to rob the bank while I was in it. Scary stuff. And it explains why, as I left work at about 4:30pm today and was on the phone with Jen, I heard tires screech a block ahead and saw a cop car block a white van entering the intersection through which I was driving. The robbery occurred at 2:45pm.

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