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The Giants’ Heart-breaking Loss

Sunday, October 27th, 2002 · No Comments

The Giants lost a heart-breaking game yesterday when the monkey-lovin’ Angels from Anaheim came from behind to overcome a 5-nothing deficit. Tonight is Game 7 and the Giants will have to give the Angels a serious ass-whoopin’ to make up for yesterday. Dad is coming over again for dinner and to watch the game. I really hope our team can bring home the victory.

Before the game yesterday, Jen and I woke up bright and early to head up to Sonoma with Ben and Jess to hit the warehouse wine sale at Sebastiani. It was a hell of a lot more crowded than the similar event Jen and I attended last fall at Kendall-Jackson. But we had just as much fun. After a couple rounds of tasting in between standing in the long checkout line, we ended up with 3 cases of wine, along with a big ol’ 3-liter magnum bottle of 1998 Merlot. The cases we got were 1997 Sangiovese Dry Creek, 1999 Pinot Noir Carneros, and a 2000 White Maritage/Sonoma Valley Domenici “Old Vines” Mourvedre case we split with Ben and Jess. Before heading home, we had a huge, yummy brunch at Black Bear Diner.

Back at the ranch, we watched a couple hours of season one of Buffy on DVD before doing a beer run and watching the game that started out to be great fun, but certainly didn’t end that way. (Beer run link brought to you by the official Everclear Web site, which greets you with a great animation of a hot chick flipping you off. Rock on. Ahh…Everclear…those were the days: Flaming shots, Hi-C mixers, paint curled off the wall of Jonty’s room in Jewett.)

Today was good timing for Daylight Savings to go into effect. It was nice to sleep until 10, but awake and have it really be 9. We’ve used the extra hour to clean the house and do oodles of laundry today (8 whopping loads).

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