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Jess Gets Jen

Tuesday, October 29th, 2002 · No Comments

On Saturday while watching the first several episodes of the first season of Buffy, Jen took a quick break to check her email. Among her new messages was one from our friend Jessie that looked like this:

Can anyone tell me the name of this song and the artist it’s bothering me…

Downstairs, Ben and I heard Jen scream: “Ahhhh! Oh my God!” We both ran upstairs. What we found was Jen standing next to the computer breathing hard and what you’ll find in the above URL on the computer screen. Jess certainly nailed her with that one. Click on the URL at your own risk.

Last night Jen and I watched the 1998 documentary Kurt and Courtney, which told the story behind Kurt Cobain’s life and explored the conspiracy theory that Courtney Love (or someone hired by her) had actually killed her husband of two years and made his death look like suicide. The documentary was interesting, but didn’t leave me feeling convinced either way. It did leave me with a new feeling toward Courtney Love, though: By all accounts, she seems pretty scary and not at all what she appears to be on the surface (at least on the surface of her new wannabe movie-star image).

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