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Topical Blocks (Or, RLO Blogging)

Tuesday, November 5th, 2002 · No Comments

My switch to Movable Type has had an interesting effect on how I think about my blog entries. Because there is a now a title and category associated with each entry, I’ve found that I am becoming forward-thinking in terms of what I write and how I categorize each entry (what happens if I want to find an entry by relevant title or see a listing of all entries in a particular category?). Due to these constraints, my entries are becoming more regimented — and not as free-flowing as they previously were in Blogger. I’m even considering going back through all my archives and breaking up each entry into separate topical blocks with relevant titles (whereas now the title only applies to the first thought in any given entry).

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. It is actually forcing me to think of how I dive into my writing similar to how content is architected in the world of elearning: as reusable learning objects (RLOs).

But alas, am I creating an electronic journal of my life, or am I publishing reusable training content to be tagged with metadata and dumped into a learning content management system (LCMS)?

<Begin Tangent>
Speaking of which, Friday night I met up with my old Headlight compadres — Glenn, John, and Scott — to talk about some elearning business ideas that Glenn and John are brewing up. And to imbibe a couple fermented content objects.
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