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Sad Day for the World

Wednesday, November 6th, 2002 · No Comments

Today is a sad day for the world. Following yesterday’s elections, California Gov. Gray Davis, the lesser of the two major evils (along with Bill Simon), thankfully retained his position, but control of the Congress now sits in the hands of the GOP. With Bush in the White House and his cronies running Congress, I fear for what is ahead for this country and the world.

People just don’t get it. Republican politicians do not care about them. They care about money and their own political advancement. They are paid off by large companies and the auto and oil industries. Why else are we on the verge of a war with Iraq?

As Jonty said in IM this morning, it will take a revolution to turn things around. I think he’s right.

Jen followed her heart and voted Green (Camejo for governor). Good for her. I voted Davis because I was afraid Simon would win. He almost did. But Jen’s action is admirable. Until every liberal follows his or her heart and votes for someone who will actually make a difference in the world, effecting change for the better, we have little hope of the state of the world improving. The people will continue to be bullied around and led to believe that corporate-owned politicians really do care for them.

Let’s hope for that revolution. Let’s effect change. Let’s make Nana proud.

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