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Wet Fury

Friday, November 8th, 2002 · No Comments

Yesterday brought the season’s first big storm, and the first rain we’ve seen in about 6 months. And rain it did. So much into the night that fallen trees draped the roads, electricity was shut off until at least 4am this morning, and everywhere was flooded. Going back to Emeryville after dinner, Dad even had to take a really long route via Highway 37 and back through the East Bay, since the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge was actually closed due to construction equipment falling all over the place from the wind. Apparently all the lights on the Bay Bridge were off, too.

Of course, with a storm like that and no power comes a very soothing, relaxing environment. Jen and I lit candles and just enjoyed being together. The dogs didn’t even seem phased by the heavy rain, wind, and occasional thunder and lightning. As Jen put it, dogs never use technology anyway.

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