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Eerily Similar

Friday, November 22nd, 2002 · No Comments

Yesterday after reading a story in Business 2.0 about Google’s AdWords service, I searched the site for other stories on Google and came across one called Top of the Heap, which is about optimizing one’s site placement in Google results. The story was written by David Gallagher, whose name sounded quite familiar to me. So I did a Google search.

Sure enough, it was the same David Gallagher whose Web site I had originally stumbled across a couple months back while searching Google Groups for references to “Vassar Miscellany News.”

I was amazed then, as I was all over again yesterday, how eerily similar David’s past is to mine. He graduated from Vassar in 1992, seven years before I did; he was Editor-in-Chief of The Miscellany News, as was I; he received the Jane Dealy Wirsig Memorial Prize in journalism, just like I did; he seems to love writing, technology, and photography, same as me.

I decided it was time to email David; I wrote to him yesterday and have not yet heard back.

It’s sure a small world after all.

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