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Google Experiment

Friday, November 29th, 2002 · No Comments

I have an idea.

I’m doing a lot of research today on Google, everyone’s favorite search engine, and the company where I would like to work some day. I’ve been reading lately about the company’s AdWords service and I just had an idea while reading the Compare Programs page. The brilliance of the AdWords service is that (A) an advertiser determines how much he is willing to pay, and (B) he is only charged for click-throughs to his site.

My idea is this: To understand how the AdWords program works and to see it in action, I am going to purchase an ad for my personal blog (yes, this one). I just did a search for the word blog and personal blog to see if anyone else has had this idea. As of today, no one else has. That’s the other part of my idea: Will people click on an ad for a personal blog? I’m not selling anything and my blog is mainly about my private life, so will people actually be interested? I’m interested to find out. What kind of traffic spike will I get? What kind of feedback, if any, will I get from people out there?

We’ll find out.

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