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The Donnas

Monday, December 2nd, 2002 · No Comments

I read this review of The Donnas show, which we went to Saturday, in today’s Chronicle. The reviewer seemed to think pretty highly of the show, as did I. Although, as Jen pointed out, none of our group seemed to fit into the reviewer’s assessment of the crowd: “an awkward mix of newbie garage rockers, indie scenesters and head-banging meatheads.” Hmm. Not quite us. Well, maybe I could see you as a garage rocker, Enoch. And James, well…are you a head-banging meathead? If so, that would leave me and Jen as indie scenesters, along with the pink-haired chick in the white jumpsuit who kept pacing back and forth in front of our table all night.

The only thing that’s unfortunate is that we decided not to mosh with the fist-fighting kids in the front row, ’cause The Donnas sure are hot (I’m not sure which Donna she is, but the one of the far right in that photo is my favorite — I think she was the guitarist).

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