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Games of the ’80s

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002 · No Comments

I sure do love ’80s arcade games. As a Child of the Eighties, I occasionally have this longing to reconnect with my boyhood days. And what better way to connect than playing some Webized versions of the same Atari games we grew up playing?

Tonight I had a longing for QBert, one of my all-time favorites. I used to have a Qbert watch. I checked eBay to see if there were any for sale (mine is long gone in the ’80s time machine). There aren’t right now, but now I know what I’m going to keep an eye out for.

Jen and I just played another classic, Super Breakout. She beat me. I’ll give her that. I also played a game of Spy Hunter, one of the best games ever.

But back to that Qbert watch. Google yields just 1 result for a query of the exact phrase, “Qbert watch,” and the result doesn’t even refer to the timepiece turned arcade game. That watch is out there. And I will find it.

Until then, Asteroids, Joust, and Pacman will have to suffice.

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