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Call John Poindexter at Home

Thursday, December 5th, 2002 · No Comments

Flemming Funch put up this post yesterday with the latest on the IAO. He also provides a link to a great article in SF Weekly by Matt Smith, who encourages Californians to call the home of the criminal who’s running the new federal agency, and to ask him lots of questions about privacy (I think this is a great idea):

    John and Linda Poindexter
    10 Barrington Fare
    Rockville, MD 20850
    (301) 424-6613

Smith also questions why the “Regan conspirator” can only afford a $269,700 home with fake siding.

What better way to prove a point to the Republican oppressors, as Smith so aptly puts it, than to bombard the lead oppressor with phone calls to his home?

Any guesses how long it will be until Poindexter gets a new number and/or moves?

(By the way: Thanks, Flemming, for leaving a comment in my posting about Google AdWords.)

Another really interesting point in Smith’s article is a history lesson about the 26 days in 1846 when California was an independent republic (free of Mexican rule), before becoming a state in 1849, of course. As the 5th largest nation in the world (by measure of GDP), why shouldn’t we follow in the footsteps of Stuttering Zeke Merritt and company?

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