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Hilltop Dining

Tuesday, December 10th, 2002 · No Comments

Last night I took Jen out to the Hilltop Cafe for her birthday. It was a really fun dinner. And economical, too. We brought a bottle of Viansa Chardonay, so I only had to pay 10 bucks corkage fee for that. The place also had a 2-for-1 entree special with the Marin Express Card, so I’ve already more than gotten my money’s worth with that thing.

The Hilltop is very into birthdays. When I made the reservation yesterday morning, the guy asked if I had any special requests. When I told him it was my fiancee’s birthday, he got really excited. He told me he’d give us a window seat, balloons, and cake, and would make sure our picture was taken to be added later to the Hilltop’s Web site. All that and they surprised us by giving us a print of the photo, too. It’s a good picture.

Among the excitement of the night was the dessert. A white, squishy cake that wasn’t overloaded with sugar. I really enjoyed it. Jen was ecstatic about it. It reminded her of Freihofer’s orange doughnuts of New England. She is very fond of them.

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