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Tuesday, December 10th, 2002 · 1 Comment

I had an idea this morning while reading my friend Dan Rosan’s blog: Why not compile a list of all the Vassar blogs out there?

Vassar alums and students are a rare breed with a powerful in-common experience. They’re also incredibly smart, thoughtful people with a lot to say about the world. Even though I’m not so involved with my local Vassar Club any longer (I was the club president for a couple years right after graduating), I still do and always will feel a strong connection to my alma mater. I met my soon-to-be wife there after all. And we’ll be getting married on the campus. I had an amazing 4 years there. How could I not feel connected? (All that and I happen to be wearing a Vassar shirt today.)

So, without further ado, I bring you the new Vassar Blogs Web site (I call it a site, but really it’s just a sub-domain of my own site with a redirect to the specific page, which makes it much easier to maintain):

There are currently only a handful of blogs in the list — just to get it started. But I hope to see the list grow over time. I plan to begin promoting it in online forums and through my various Vassar connections.

This should be fun.

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  • 1 Ian Heller // Sep 12, 2003 at 8:37 am

    Great idea! – Ian Heller VC ’90