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Blast from the Past

Thursday, December 12th, 2002 · No Comments

Yesterday I got back in touch with my old friend from high school, Jason Forrest. I spent a good deal of time IMing with him. I think he was surprised to hear from me. I got his email address from another high school friend, Dave Reed, with whom I’ve exchanged some lengthy emails lately after he stumbled across my Web site a few weeks back and dropped me a line. It’s good to be back in touch with those guys and I hope to hang out with them soon.

So much has changed since high school. Jen and I were talking about that last night — how it’s weird to think of that person you used to be back in the day. I know I’ve changed a shitload since the early ’90s. In fact, I’ve even changed a lot since college. It’s weird to come across blogs like this guy’s while working on my new Vassar Blogs site and read what goes through the mind of a college kid. I remember being like that — thinking and believing that you have such a strong grasp on the world and who you are as a person, but really having no clue and not realizing that until you’re done with college and wish you could go back and experience it again, knowing what you know now.

That same thought was part of a conversation Jen and I had last night, too: Wouldn’t it be cool to live life in reverse? To start at the end and live backwards — cool in concept but surely a disaster were that actually possible. We were reminded of Vonnegut‘s Timequake, in which people are knowingly caught in time loops yet have to retrace their steps each day (literally), or they’ll simply fall down or injure themselves if they try to fight what has already happened at least once.

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