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Winter Driving Tips

Thursday, December 12th, 2002 · No Comments

I just created a new skiing category for my blog. This is officially the first entry in it, though I may have to go back and re-categorize at least one other entry (Look at Me Now).

SnowBomb has a good article on winter driving tips, which more drivers should follow. Too many people can’t drive worth shit, especially in the snow. Yesterday some jerk changed lanes on the freeway right on top of me; my front bumper nearly kissed his rear bumper. Then going to the ferry to pick up Jen, a bunch of jerks just drove into the intersection and blocked it when they had the red — and people kept on going into the intersection in front of me as I was trying to cross it on my green.

Skiing is on my mind since I’m hoping to go this weekend. I’m still undecided, though, as my friends and usual skiing buddies Ben and Jess are going to be busy with Christmas shopping. I may just go by myself. I sure want to put all my new ski equipment to use, not to mention my AWD.

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